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There are few greater sources of beauty inspirations than a night of magical cinema to get my creative cogs going; the lighting, the scenery, the starlets and, of course, the makeup. For me, the real beauty of a transporting film lies in the details and no director understands these nuances more than the master filmmaker Pedro Almodòvar. His passions for charms of Spain are so artfully woven into his storylines that I can hardly wait to watch each of his films over and over. I just saw Almodòvar’s newest classic Julieta at the New York City premiere with my very favorite leading lady Rossy De Palma lighting up the screen as only she can. Rossy’s Romanesque features and fearless fervor always leave me wanting more.

A beauty this rare deserves a special lipstick, after all. Here’s my favorite screen siren touching up in grand style with Big Kiss Jumbo Lipstick.

Hello, Dali! Supermodel and style icon extraordinaire Pat Cleveland came to celebrate the film and she knows a thing or two about always striking the perfect pose. Beauty note: channel your inner free spirit with La Femme Bohème Eau de Parfum.