Posted on by Edward Bess



"It's hard to say what I love most about Los Angeles as the list is long. Quiet simply, there's just nowhere like it - here's a look at my love affair with LA." 

"To pass the time while in the air, I enjoy immersing myself in a stack of glossies before seizing the opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep."

"There's no place like home - or the right homey hotel. I love L'Ermitage for it's secluded charm and stellar service."

"I love spending time at Neiman Marcus where I get to play makeup with my Beverly Hills beauties."

"I make a point to take in the beauty of LA's art scene, which wouldn't be complete without a stop by the gorgeous Getty."

"Every starlet in town knows the power of touching up with the perfect lipstick. Grab for Endless Dream while dining at Sunset Tower."

"Much of my beauty inspiration comes from nature, and LA is the perfect place to soak it up. I head to Griffith Park to get my fix of flora."