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"It's no wonder why I love spending time here in Paris - there's so much beauty to behold everywhere you look. Even when you're not looking for it beauty always faithfully finds you in the City of Light. Here's a look at my favorite spots." 

"I believe in the beauty of simplicity and that also applies to dining. Few things in life are as perfect as a club sandwich at the Ritz with a simple side of French fries of course."

"There's no cooler place to be in Paris where every covetable oject d'art from around the globe lives on Rue Saint-Honoré. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of colette we just launched an exclusive collaboration BLUE BALM that magically transforms from blue to pink on the lips!"

I would have fun with my mom Nancy anywhere in the world, but Paris is always a good idea. She's got a French name, a Southern accent and a certain je ne sais quoi.

"If you get chili easily or simply crave the art of French flair, I have uncovered just the Madame you been searching for. Head to Anne Galerie and Mme Anne herself will drape you in the most exquisite handmade scarves and pashminas you've ever laid eyes on."

"When you're all shopped out and ready to unwind headed to Café de Flore for something sweet or savory, and unraveled people watching. One of the oldest coffee houses in Paris this landmark Saint-Germain hangout never disappoints"

"Find yourself craving French fringe or just in need of a quick trim? Head over to the Christophe Robin salon and see Jean-Marc. He's got a way with sheers that exemplifies Parisienne perfection."